If You Have More Sympathy For Mickey The Pit Bull Than For The Child He Mauled You’re Sick

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998043_627614497287792_1389194484_nA pit bull mauled a four-year-old boy last month as he and his friend were playing in the yard. The attack left Kevin Vicente with a broken eye socket, a broken jaw, and the possibility of years of reconstructive surgery ahead of him. One of the adults at the scene, Guadalupe Villa filed a vicious-dog petition that started the case to get the dog put down. The petition has also started a social media campaign to keep the Mickey the dog alive. I think it’s absurd that any money is being spent to save this dog’s life when the child he mauled has a housekeeper mother whose lost her job and home trying to care for him.

Villa alleges that the dog has a history of acting violent without provocation. She also alleges that Mickey killed one of her dogs. Animal advocates claim that it was the babysitter’s negligence not the fault of the dog that the attack happened in the first place. The child allegedly wandered into a neighbor’s yard and tried to take a bone from the dog.  After the boy was attacked, the owner of the dog turned the dog over to Animal Care and Control and told them they no longer wanted the dog.

Enter a bunch of animal lovers, who are more disturbed that a dog is being put down than that a 4-year-old lost his eye and nearly bled to death. They blame the babysitter who didn’t have a close enough eye on the kid and allowed him to wander. I think they are definitely right about that part, I also think it takes seconds for a child to wander away. I’m confused as to why a home with a dog that has an alleged history of violence wouldn’t have him properly secured? The dog definitely wasn’t cared for or trained properly here either, because mauling is not a usual reaction to someone reaching for a bone.

While I understand that, I think taking an incident where a child was almost mauled to death and making it about standing up for the reputation of pit bulls is ridiculous and obscene. Clearly the dog has been failed and the babysitter was negligent, but a social media campaign and thousands of dollars spent to save a pit pull with a propensity for violence? There is a four-year-old who is going to be scarred for life with a housekeeper mother who can no longer work because she needs to care for him:

“He screams and cries,” she said. “He says, ‘Leave, I don’t want to see you.’ … Sometimes, I don’t know what to do.”

When she does leave him to eat or use the restroom, Kevin begs her to stay, afraid she will leave him at the hospital.

After quitting her job to take care of Kevin, Flor lost her home. Her belongings are temporarily at a friend’s.

“What do I do for him? Who can I hold on to? I wish that it had happened to me instead of him,” she said. “He sees me and says, ‘Don’t cry, mommy, I love you.’ But I know I can’t do anything. I can’t help him.”

We have a woman who lost her job and home because she is caring for her child and a bunch of people rallying around the dog that mauled him:

A New York-based non-profit is raising money to pay for the dog’s legal expenses, while a local attorney is donating his time to represent Mickey. Tens of thousands of people are rallying via social media to save the dog’s life.

Give me a fucking break. Anyone who has more sympathy for a dog than for a woman who has lost her home and her job to care for the child that was mauled by that dog is… actually, for once I have no words. I’ll just say that any money being spent to save the life of a pit bull would be better served in her pocket.

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