This Mom Meant to Say ‘Break a Leg,’ What She Said Instead Has the Internet in Tears

Some day even the coolest of us are going to be old and out of touch–you just know that even Madonna gets eye-rolls from her teenagers sometimes–and when that happens, our teenagers will be sure to record it so that we will never, ever forget it. Texas university student Lourdes Zavaleta’s mom just made a phrasing error for the ages, and the Internet can’t stop laughing about it.

Zavaleta was getting ready for finals when her loving, supportive, wonderful mother sent her an encouraging text.

“OK good luck, bust a nut I love u!” her mom wrote.

Zavaleta must have cracked up when her mother wrote “bust a nut” instead of “break a leg,” but she just texted back, “LOL Thanks mom, I love you too.”

But then she had to share it on Twitter, because it was too funny to keep to herself.

Break a leg mom
Twitter / Gossipgrill

The internet just couldn’t deal with the hilarious awkwardness of getting a text that says “bust a nut” from your mom. Zavaleta cracked up, but she says she didn’t actually tell her mom that “bust a nut” is slang for ejaculation.  She didn’t want to have to tell her mom what it really meant, so she just rolled with it.

Zavaleta told Buzzfeed that this is not the first time her mother has made this particular mistake. She did it a few months ago in front of her son and daughter, and they both cracked up. Neither of them told her what “bust a nut” meant, but they did tell her that the phrase she was looking for was, “Break a leg.”

“My brother and I couldn’t stop laughing,” Zavaleta said to Buzzfeed. “But we never told her why because of how awkward that conversation would have been.”

Zavaleta says she has set her mother straight, finally. Her mother Googled the phrase and was reportedly pretty grossed out.

Mistakes like this happen all the time, though. I just discovered that my own mother thinks “WTF” stands for “Well that’s fantastic.” And one commenter on Buzzfeed said that his mother said “booty call” instead of “butt dial” for years.

What’s the funniest texting error you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments.

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