Parents Calling Cops To Watch Them Spank Their Kids Is Now A Thing

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Spanking vintage teacherA dad in Florida wanted to spank his daughter so much that he called the police to come watch it go down to ensure he wasn’t breaking the law. I guess this is technically what some might call responsible parenting?

According to reports, Dale Garcia returned home to find his two 12-year-old daughters fighting over a tablet. One had locked herself in her room; the other then picked the lock with a knife to get in. This move is incredibly impressive, and should win some sort of Fighting With Your Sibling award. Also, maybe Dad should be worried about her lock picking skills, too?

Garcia then called the local police to come watch him paddle the Lock Picker four times on the butt. A sheriff arrived, watch the smacking and then closed the case, since nothing criminal went down. Apparently, this is an actual Thing people do. ‘“It happens,” said OCSO Major Noel Stephen. “And has happened several times in the past. But it’s definitely not something we advertise to do. It’s a call here and there.”’

I guess I get what this dad was thinking. He probably thought he was handling the paddling of his teen daughter is a responsible way. “I’ll get the cops involve to make sure I do this right!”

But it’s incredible effed up. Like, did dad wanted to save his own ass from getting in trouble, so he dragged the police into it? Was he worried about his daughters going to authorities after he paddled them? Is he abusive, and is trying to get on the good side of law enforcement? Why are tax dollars and an officer’s time going toward watching a man whack his kid? Should every parents who wants to spank or paddle their kids be involving a police officer to ensure they’re within the permitted legal level of ass-whupping? Could all this have been solved by simply grounding his daughters and tossing the tablet in the garbage?

I also feel deep concern for his teen daughter, who was physically punished in front of a stranger. Everything about it seems like an incredible violation of privacy.

Spanking doesn’t work, but the fact remains that parents are legally allowed to spank their kids, and they’re gonna do it whether cops are there or not. I wish this dad had found some other way to drive his message home – one that doesn’t involve taking a piece of wood to his teen daughter’s backside in front of a person she didn’t know.

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