Mommyish Resolutions: 10 Ways To Improve Your Health That Don’t Involve Diet Or Exercise

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new year resolutionIt’s Resolutions Week here at Mommyish! Check out all our other posts here. 

For so many of us, each January 1st we tell ourselves we’re going to lose ten pounds this year. You make elaborate workout charts and resolve to survive on a diet of greens and fruit, like a bunny. And then because your plans were so restrictive, life happens and you can’t maintain your schedule. By the time spring rolls around, you’re disgusted with yourself for falling off the fitness express. Since my end goal is to be healthy, not skinny, this year I’m breaking the cycle. These New Year’s resolutions will improve your health without having to exercise or diet.

1. Floss.

If you are already a prodigious flosser, then pat yourself on the back and go on with your pearly whites. For the rest of us, adding this to your list of daily tasks will improve your smile and lower your risk for gum disease.

2. Get better sleep.

Brownie points if you can get yourself to put down the iPad and get more sleep, but if you are the parent to a newborn, the amount of sleep you get each night may be out of your hands. The quality of sleep you get is not. Whatever issues you have that keep you from getting a good snooze- make this the year you do something about it. Get a white noise machine, buy yourself a lighter comforter if you’re a warm sleeper or maybe try a pillow between you knees if you suffer from back pain. Find the things that hamper your rest and look for solutions- your health will benefit in the long run.

3. Drink more water.

Ok, maybe technically this involves changing your diet, but since we are talking adding to what you consume, not reducing it, I think it still belongs on this list. According to WebMD, dehydration can sneak up on you easily and cause serious health issues that are otherwise preventable. It’s so easy to forget to drink water during the day, especially if you are busy at your desk and don’t want to risk ruining your computer or chasing after little kids who will try to take a bath with the contents of your glass. Treat yourself to a new cup in a pattern you like that has a secure lid and sippy spout. Personally, I see a huge decrease in the number of headaches I get when I make sure to drink more, so this is at the top of my resolution list this year.

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