Watch This Beautiful Video Of A Baby Growing From 0 To 14 Years In Four Minutes

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Stop Motion Video Of Baby Growing Into TeenI feel so guilty that I never did anything this cool for any of my own kids, probably because I have zero filmmaking skills and we didn’t have the technology when my babies were born. All of you brand spanking new parents with a new baby get on this so you can end up with a gorgeous video like this one when your own kid becomes a teenager.

Filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has filmed a stop motion movie of his beautiful daughter Lottie from the time she was born until she is 14-years-old, and the result is sweet and sad:

[youtube_iframe id=”UH1x5aRtjSQ”]

Wahhhh, kids grow up way too fast and I’m sure it felt like four minutes from the time she was just a baby until now. I wish I was better at documenting my own kid’s childhoods, I mean, I have some videos and photos of course but I am terrible at organizing them in any artistic way and I also never print out images from my phone and computer. It makes me sad that I never kept baby books or scrapbooked or anything like that. When I think about it, my photos and videos are the most precious things I own so I should probably think of a better way to organize all this stuff. I’m a terrible digital historian.

I think this would be such a cool video to have of my own kids. I feel like I blinked and now they are getting all big and I missed so much of it.

(Image: You tube)