The Mom Whose Toddler Was Killed By Pitbulls Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison

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Pet Pitbulls AttackedRemember when I wrote about the family who had the pet pitbulls who attacked the toddler and you guys got all rage-y at me and told me all about how everyone should have 20 dogs roaming free in their yards and that dog breeders are awesome people and pitbulls are not strong dogs at all and they are as dangerous as kittens? Well, the mom in this case is being charged with second degree cruelty to a child and faces up to 10 years in prison. According to the Daily Mail:

A mother whose 21-month-old daughter was mauled to death in their backyard by the family’s seven dogs is facing up to 10 years in prison after being charged with second-degree cruelty to children yesterday.

Summer Laminack, 18, was studying in her bedroom when her toddler, Monica Renee, slipped into their backyard, in the tiny town of Ellabell, near Savannah, and was attacked, her attorney said today.

Bryan County sheriff’s investigators said the child slipped outside through a doggie door and was attacked by the seven pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

By the time the girl’s mother and other adults in the house noticed the dogs barking, the child was dead – on March 27.

Her clothing and diaper were found in shreds throughout the large fenced-in yard.

Edenfield said the toddler’s mother was in her bedroom studying for her GED diploma when the attack happened.

The pet pitbulls attacked the baby while her mother was studying for her GED, and that to me is pretty much the most tragic thing I can ever imagine. The family loved their dogs and had said previously Monica had grown up with them, and “used them as a pillow while watching TV.” The dogs were well fed and cared for, and had never attacked another human, but I have read speculation that they may have killed neighborhood cats. That’s not the dog’s fault, if you have a cat and you let it out or if it gets out I think the owner has to realize there is a good chance it could wander into a neighbor’s yard and get killed by a dog or a wild animal.
Now the dogs are all euthanized, the baby is dead, and a mom who is only 18 faces ten years in prison when she doesn’t even have her high school diploma yet.  I still stand by my belief that this family had too many dogs. I still think the baby should have never been left alone with that many dogs in the house (or yard) and that a pack of pitbulls, even beloved family pets, are capable of being dangerous. Any pack of dogs is, but I still believe pitbulls are a strong breed with a high prey drive. I’m sure this poor family is wishing they could turn back time and do things differently and that baby Monica and their pets were still alive today. And I know you guys will disagree with me, but I still feel that having a really young child around pitbulls isn’t a great parenting technique, especially seven of them.
The crux of the issue is that for every awesome dog owner out there, and I am going to stick with pit owner, because this article IS about pitbulls, there are a hundred bad pit owners out there. People who get a pit because they see them as a status symbol, who don’t train them or give them the proper exercise, who ignore the special tendencies of the breed, their strength and their prey drive, who insist that their dogs would “never, ever hurt anyone ever” and whose arrogance ends up with people killed and the poor dogs put down.
It’s a terrible story, and I feel awful for the baby, the mom, and the dogs. I think this all could have been prevented, but I’m sure this poor family thinks the same thing every day.
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