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Pet Owners Self-Isolating Share What Dogs & Cats *Really* Do While We’re At Work

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People are spending an unprecedented amount of time indoors as self-quarantining and social distancing become the norm to slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus worldwide. Naturally, this means more time spent with our beloved animals. It also means quite a bit of light is being shed on what our dogs and cats were really doing all that time while their owners commute into work and spend 8-10 hours away.

This cat legit climbs on everything

This pup just chills… hard

This doggo is also just chillin’

….as are the cats of the world

Group nap time!

This dog gets the perfect spot on the couch


This pet owner literally still can’t figure it out… but knows it’s something sketchy

This dog watches the world go by… literally

This cat plans their April Fools’ Day pranks

This pet-parent found his dogs have meetings, too!

This pet owner has been documenting his pup’s actions dilligently

*Spoiler alert: the doggo doesn’t do much*

Honestly, extra time with your animals (and kids!) is the only silver lining to this whole debacle.