Super Woman Goes Viral for Finishing Her Finals While Giving Birth

Not all heroes wear capes, friends. Sometimes, they wear hospital gowns! Nayzia Thomas is a real-life superhero, based on a photo she shared on Twitter. The Missouri woman was due to give birth, but as a student, she had some deadlines she had to take care of first. The photo shows Nayzia finishing finals while giving birth. It’s good she is such a skilled multi-tasker already, that skill will come in handy now that she’s a mom!

Finishing finals WHILE giving birth. We just can’t applaud enough for this amazing woman.

Nayzia is a student at Johnson County Community College Kansas City. Her final project wasn’t due for another week, but Nayzia knew she’d have a lot going on (after having a baby and all), so the star student wanted to get it finished and turned in early. Now that’s what we call planning ahead!

Nayzia got her final done and turned in, and then directed her attention to the small matter of HAVING A BABY. She shared some updates after her first tweet, and it sounds like things got pretty scary.

Locked in that 3.5 GPA though, like a BOSS.

Nayzia and her baby boy came through it all with flying colors, and got to go home after just a couple of days. her story touched a lot of people, many of whom wanted to share their own superhero accomplishments.

Honestly, could not love this more. THIS is what dedication looks like. Bad-ass.

It’s not easy being a student, and it’s so much harder being a student with a baby. Hats off to these seriously amazing women, who will no doubt run the world one day.

Congrats on the new little one, Nayzia! And good job on getting that work done. You are truly an inspiration to so many! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

(Image: Twitter/@naydxll)

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