Kim Kardashian Slammed For Wearing In-Demand N95 Mask To Sell Product On Instagram

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Instagram Stories / Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West spent the weekend getting trashed by Swifties and now, she’s getting trashed by those who care about the Coronavirus crisis — AKA everyone except those spring breakers in Miami. In February, the 39-year-old reality star posted a selfie wearing an N95 facemask by 3M — which has been notoriously under-supplied for hospital staff since the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread worldwide.

Though the photo is old news, she was promoting her friend, Simon Hucks‘s travel ‘preparedness kit’ called Judy — likely getting a bit of cash for the pic she snapped with the in-demand facemask and rubber gloves. Now, people are sharing the photo saying that it’s an example of gross greed using a crisis that’s taking lives to make some dough.

The OP continued, “Kim Kardashian posed in an n95 mask to promote her rich friend’s expensive “crisis kits,” each of which contain[s] a mask. They hastily set up this company to profiteer off the crisis.”

“If youre rich you do what you want. Its literally the foundation of America,” one person replied to the tweet. Another said, “She’s not just wearing one, she’s promoting her friend’s *new* business. And meanwhile healthcare workers have none.”

“Can we just collectively unfollow them all, stop giving them attention and cancel them as quickly as possible? Attention is literally their income,” said another non-Kardashian fan.

The kits, which were first announced on social media in October 2019, are priced between $60 for a basic kit to $250 for a more expansive kit that would protect more than one person in the case of an emergency. While the brand is sharing tips for staying healthy during COVID-19 on their social media, it does not appear they’ve donated any to healthcare workers — at least they haven’t announced anything like that. Kim’s lil’ sis, Kylie Jenner, did, however donate a cool $1 mil to COVID-19 relief.