A Teenager Dressed His Little Brother Like Pennywise the Clown, and the Pictures Are Creepy AF

Remember the end of last summer, when the country was terrorized by a bunch of evil clowns in the woods? With the remake of Stephen King’s It hitting movie theaters on September 8, we’re starting to be inundated with clowns again. The latest comes from a Mississippi teenager who is so infatuated with It that he dressed his three-year-old brother like Pennywise the clown for an amazingly creepy photoshoot.

Eagan Tilghman, a 17-year-old high school senior from Meridian, Mississippi, is an incredibly talented artist. A quick scroll through his Instagram account shows his stunning creations with pencil, paint, and chalk. “I’ve been creating art since I was old enough to pick up a pencil,” he told the Meridian Star.

The creative teen has been creating costumes for his younger siblings since last year. That’s actually how he came up with the idea to dress his youngest brother, Louie, up like Pennywise. “It all started because my other brother, Hosea, who is four, wanted me to paint his face like the Joker,” he said to Mashable. “I did and we just had the idea to dress Louie up and take a few pictures.”

Eagan estimates that putting together Louie’s costume and makeup only took him about 30 minutes.

The results are fantastic and creepy af.

tiny pennywise the clown
Images: Facebook / Eagan Tilghman
tiny pennywise the clown
Images: Facebook / Eagan Tilghman
tiny pennywise the clown
Images: Facebook / Eagan Tilghman

As you can see, little Louie is normally quite adorable when he’s not Pennywise the Clown.


He’s also quite the actor.

The pictures have gone viral, even attracting the attention of Andy Muschietti, the director of the It remake.

Eagan said that his parents have always been supportive of his artistic streak. ”You read things on the internet and all over the place about how parents are telling their kids not to go into art because they won’t make any money.” Eagan’s parents explained that while their son has always “seen things differently than other kids,” they’ve always cherished that quality.

”He has consistently been himself,” said Mr.Tilghman.

On his Facebook page, Eagan said that he hopes that all the attention the photos have received will land him on Ellen. “Getting me and Louie on the Ellen Show is my next checkpoint in this whole thing,” he wrote. “If it happened it would be even crazier than things have been in the past week. And that’s an understatement.”

He’d better hope Ellen isn’t afraid of clowns.

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(Images: Facebook / Eagan Tilghman)

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