Claire Foy Responds to Adam Sandler Touching Her Leg During Talk Show

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Claire Foy was on The Graham Norton Show last week with Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler, and Cara Delevigne. It was pretty much a standard talk show appearance, except that Adam Sandler reached over twice during an anecdote and put his hand on Claire Foy’s knee.

Some viewers took to Twitter to complain about Sandler’s knee-grabbing. Several thought Foy looked uncomfortable. Foy looked like she attempted to pat his hand away, but he’d moved it himself and didn’t notice. Then he put his hand right back on her knee again, and she looked a little surprised by that. Emma Thompson was looking directly at Sandler’s hand, and she did not look particularly surprised or impressed.

But now the Intenret is deeply divided over Adam Sandler-gate and whether Adam Sandler was being inappropriate and entitled, or whether feminism is running amok and society is about to fall to a “misandrist witch hunt.”

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