‘Peeping Preacher’ Ickily Spies On Ladies In His Bathroom — Including A Soon-To-Be Mom

peeping preacher
I sat in on another Anderson Live segment as Anderson Cooper investigated the case of the “peeping preacher” in Mississippi. Sammy Nuckolls, a traveling preacher, was convicted of 13 counts of video voyeurism after placing hidden cameras around his home to spy on women. And one of them was pregnant at the time of the violation.

Being with child may have some ladies thinking that they’re no longer conventionally desirable, but for the rabid perverts with a wealth of hidden cameras, you’re still worth gawking at, ladies!

Kimberly, one of the victims, sat with her husband by her side as she recounted looking across the courtroom at Nuckolls. The young brunette said that she had, “many emotions in court,” describing everyone’s testimony as “devastating.” Behind her on a screen facing the audience ran footage of the pastor testing out his various cameras, described as no bigger than a pen cap. The camera was so small and unsuspecting that one of the Anderson producers slipped the contraption into a morning briefing, capturing Anderson poring over notes without any suspicion.

In the eery testing footage, the pastor flicked lights on and off and tested the camera placement to ensure properly capturing women as they showered and used his toilet.

Kimberly’s husband said that the pastor intentionally clogged a couple of guest bathrooms in his home so that ladies would resort to using the bugged one.

Finally, one filmed woman noticed the tiny camera and opened the device to find a USB drive. She loaded the contents and quickly understood what the pastor had been accomplishing. She then handed the device and footage over to the police.

The couple both told Anderson and guest co-host Deborah Norville that the revelation did shake their faith but that they’re ultimately looking to forgive the preacher. Nuckolls’ now ex-wife stated that she was not aware of her husband’s voyeuristic predilections during the entire seven years of their marriage. At one point, she did see him fumbling with one of his tiny pen-like cameras and inquired about it. He brazenly told her that it was an accessory for a magic trick.

Sammy Nuckolls has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for making his own private video collection of unsuspecting women, to which expectant mothers were no exception to perversion.

(photo: Julius Elias/ Shutterstock)

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