Pink Won’t Be Taunted Into A ‘Catfight’ With Miley Cyrus, Thanks For Trying

Pink may not be angry but she’s still edgy.

When Miley Cyrus, the former Disney star, showed up at the MTV Music Awards earlier this month sporting Pink’s signature bleach-blond mohawk, people wondered if she would take aim at and sugary-sweet pop singer.   Just the opposite happened.

”Everyone has long, brown hair,” Pink said this morning during an appearance on Today. ”When two girls get fearless and shave their heads, it’s a big deal. I think we’re just a little more daring.”

Probably not the response the “important” question “were you upset when Miley stole your hair?” was intended to evoke.  Pink didn’t stop there and instead continued to gush about Cyrus.

“I think she’s beautiful.  I love Miley, you can’t talk about Miley.”

If you think Pink’s refusal to take the cat-fight prodding bait means she’s gone soft, don’t count on it.  Especially not when it comes to 15-month-old Willow.

The singer recently told Britain’s The New Review that Willow is “never gonna f touch heroin. I’m gonna make sure of it. And if she wants to f hate me for it, that’s fine.  She won’t have my teenage life because I’ve already been there. I’m prepared to be a lot stronger than my mom was.  That’s all.  I’m never gonna know everything, but I know a lot.”

“Do as I say, not as I do” often backfires on parents, but the 33-year-old mother recognizes it is her job to raise her daughter and guide her into making the best decisions possible.  Once her baby is all grown, Pink’s parenting gets put to the test — just like it does for the rest of us mothers.

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