Madonna Had A Marie Antoinette Themed Birthday Bash And None Of Us Were Invited

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madonnapartymarieantoinetteWe all need to decide how we feel about Madge. I’m sick of not having a super strong opinion about her. Can we pro and con list this?


Madonna, she is Madonna.

At age 55, she shows that women can still be sexual and sexy and sexy and sex sex something sex.

Holiday is such a great song.

Into The Groove is such a great song.

She looked like she was working so hard during the Superbowl halftime show and I doubt most women half her age could do that.

She likes the gay people.


She seems like a nasty human being.

So anyway, this list is not helping me. I’m not good at how I feel about Madonna because I am not Camille Paglia! I like Madonna in theory but I don’t think I could be friends with Madonna, and she obviously feels the same way about me because I was not invited to her 55 year birthday Marie Antoinette-extravaganza!

From Mirror UK:

The pop superstar turned 55 this weekend – happy birthday, Madge – and so she took the party to Menton in France – taking over a house and throwing an amazing fancy dress party.

Madonna dressed as a kind of porn-y Marie Antoinette with a leotard, big blonde wig, eye patch and long gloves – sitting on dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat‘s lap for blurry Instagram pictures.Pictures from the party show Brahim – who is 25 – wearing a grey wig and a cravat.


Madonna birthday

(Image: facebook)

My my Lourdes is all grow’d up.

I want cake. I want a Marie Antoinette party. Do I have to turn 55 to get this? Was Koa Beck invited to this party and did she go without me?

I think we need more reasons for our Madonna pro/con lists, but I got nothing.


And a video!
[youtube_iframe id=”dfO0TgcDUnI”]

Koa and I are for real obsessed with this movie, and I think it is probably my favorite movie ever. I have no parenting angle to any of this except that I totally wish my husband would build me my own cottage in the backyard where I could raise chickens and have wildflowers and get drunk on champagne and eat a mess of macaroons.

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