Pinterest User Attributes Hitler Quotes To Taylor Swift To Teach Us All A Lesson About Fact-Checking

People spend their days doing really strange things. Take for example, this person, Emily Pattinson (probably not her real name, as evidenced by her affinity for Robert Pattinson on her Twitter page), who made a bunch of Taylor Swift “quote pins” and posted them to a board on Pinterest. Only, they weren’t Swift’s quotes – they were Hitler’s. Apparently the quotes of one of the worst human beings who ever lived could have believably fallen from the lips of everyone’s favorite serial dater.

Let’s see if you would have been duped by any of these:


Meh, possibly. I would have thought she was doing the “patriotic” thing that most young pop stars do.


No way would I believe that Swift would use the word “providence” in a sentence – and would probably think, “Um, define ‘providence’.”


Yes. Simply because of the brilliant swirly font that matches her lipstick. This photo could say anything.


I would just be confused by this one. These are really not believable, which proves that you can just put one of these attribution lines by a name (-) and say anything you want:

I knew you were trouble when you walked in. – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Pattinson briefly took the page down because she was shocked by the anti-Semitic trolls who were coming out of the woodwork to comment on her pins. Probably an unavoidable result when you post Hitler quotes on the Internet. It’s now up again for your viewing pleasure. What can we look forward to next, maybe a Justin Bieber/ Pol Pot mash-up?

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