Amazing 12-Year-Old’s Garage Sale For His Sick Mom Goes Viral

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1175178_621259801242200_89159252_nI think every parent wants to raise loving, compassionate children. This mom who is struggling with cancer has done just that and should be really proud of herself and her child.

12-year-old Devon Melton from Ferguson, Missouri, overheard his mother, who is fighting cancer, crying about financial woes. He decided to take to Craigslist to figure out how to raise some money for her. He turned to the “free section” to find goods that people were trying to get rid of, but didn’t necessarily want to sell and started emailing. Smart kid.

“Hi this is Devon,” the e-mail read. “I am the one that messaged you on Craigslist. My mom is amazing she and my dad take care of my two brothers, me and my sister. She has breast cancer and I heard her crying one day after she had her surgery. I thought she was hurt so I went to her door. I heard her say I’m losing everything because I am sick. We are about to lose our home, electric, gas and dad lost his job. My mom deserves the best and I want to help her because she helps everyone … I just wish it was mom’s turn to be blessed with a timeout like she says she needs.”

A seller he contacted was touched by their interaction and posted about it on Facebook. Soon Melton’s family was inundated with emails offering help. I love it when social media comes through for people like this.

The garage sale is being held today and tomorrow and due to the national attention it has received they are expecting a huge turnout. All because a caring son wanted to do something to help his family. I think sometimes we feel like we are too small to affect any change or make a difference in someone’s life. It’s amazing when a 12-year-old can remind us that often it only takes a small step to make a landslide of positive things happen.

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