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Just In: Breaking Second-Hand News Claiming Adele’s Baby Is Cute!

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Do you guys remember when Adele was pregnant and I was waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for her to have her baby and then she did and I woke up at 4 a.m and wrote about it because I was so excited? And then I waited and waited and waited to see a picture of the baby because I like Adele and I like babies? Well, we have no picture of this baby. But I do have information from another reliable news source that says some pretty amazing and shocking news about Adele’s new baby!


But a close pal, comedian Alan Carr, is reporting from the frontlines of Adele’s new life as a mom.

“All I’ll say is I have seen Adele’s baby and he’s such a cutie. She’s doing great, she’s glowing,” he tells The Sun.

Zomg you guys! The baby is a “cutie.” Which is something that everyone says when they meet a baby, even the ugly babies. We still don’t know the name of Adele’s baby. We still don’t know if she is enjoying motherhood. We don’t know if she is co-sleeping or if he is colicky or if she is breastfeeding and you know what? Alan Carr is not going to help us with that one!

“Because we’re friends, people will ask me on the red carpet if she’s breast feeding or using a breast pump,” he continues. “Well, I think that’s f––ing disgusting. This is a young girl. I’m not going to talk about her breasts.”


Alan, that is because you are a man. Us ladies know that breasts being used for feeding babies is not a disgusting concept and we can talk about breastfeeding with woman at any time, including strangers. I suppose it’s nice that he is being so respectful of his friend, but when we (as in we, the general public) have to hear about every single damn thing the Kardashians do I think it’s understandable that we are curious about what a celebrity with actual talent like Adele does.

I suppose it’s also nice that Adele is being private and protective of her cute little baby. It’s nice when a celebrity cares more about her newborn than selling his photos and information about him to the media, but as a writer who writes about celebrities and pop culture, I need to hear more about this baby!

But for now, all I know is someone said he is cute. And that Adele is a lot classier of a celebrity mom than a lot of other celebrities.

(photo: pcnnews)