STFU Parents: 8 Examples Of What You’ll Learn From The STFU, Parents Book

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At long last, this week the STFU, Parents book finally showed itself to the world! After a long road from conception to birth, I’m pleased to announce that I am officially with child book. And I’d love for you funny and insightful Mommyish readers to pick up a copy! But, just to make it a little more enticing, I’ve put together a collection of brand new submissions that each represent a different category of overshare in the book. I’ve only highlighted eight of the 34 different types of overshare that are covered, but these eight represent what I consider to be the foundational elements that helped to inspire both the blog and its subsequent “sibling” — the book.

The blog will always be my first baby, my special lovechild splattered with placentas and feces, but the book is a funny field guide on what NOT to share on social media if you’re a parent. It’s a cohesive little package that emphasizes the same messages conveyed on the blog, but in an organized (and smelly) manual. It can be read by non-parents with much relief; by parents who want to educate themselves on the finer points of overshare; and it can also be gifted to that awesome pregnant friend with a sense of humor OR that annoying co-worker who will never STFU about her kids. Let’s check out some familiar examples that summarize just what the STFU, Parents book is all about:

1. Loss Of Identity

STFU Parents

Admittedly, this is one of the first things that comes to mind when I consider what truly inspired the blog. How many times have you noticed that your friend (or former friend) has become a shadow of her former self? Suddenly her profile avatar is a new picture of her baby every three days, her Work and Education and Bio sections look like what you see above, and every single status update about her baby’s gassy smile? Not everyone loses his/her identity after becoming a parent — and hopefully the book can help with that!

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