Celebration Trends In 2019 Will Help Make Your Next Party Pop

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We know what you’re thinking – after the last couple of weeks of the year, the absolute last thing you want to think about it another party! It’s been one festive shindig after another, and we are partied out. But, with the New Year comes all new reasons to celebrate. New birthdays, new anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and babies. There are so many reasons to throw a great party in 2019! However, you might be looking for new ideas and trends to make your party really pop. Pinterest has compiled some of the biggest celebration trends you can expect to see in the coming year, and we have to say, we’re ready to try them all out now.

From low-key locations to fun food, the celebration trends of 2019 have something for everyone.

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A question I often get asked is… “how are your donuts so perfectly round? Even the holes are round!”. Just don’t overfill your donut baking pans! Sometimes it’s tempting when you have so much batter left… but it’s best to fill it up 3/4 full or even half way! When I was working on my book (not going to lie, I got impatient after baking 200 donuts in 15hrs)… I didn’t realize that I was filling the cavities entirely full at one point… and then when they came out baked, I regretted it LOL! It’s not the end of the world. It just means that you’ll spend more time using a teeny tiny circle cookie cutter to make those holes picture perfect? Today, I just officially completed 1 helluva chapter for the book and I’m ready to call it a day! ?

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Skip the cake and cupcakes at your next party, and make breakfast the main character of your dessert tables! Donuts are more than just delicious breakfast foods. Pinterest searches for donut decor are up 748% on the site. Which means you’ll probably be invited to at least a few donut parties next year! For birthdays big and small, skip the number balloons and go with a cake shaped like a number – searches for those are up 314%.

For decor, 2019 is going to be all about the flower garland. You can drape over a table, add some floral fun to your banister, or even use them like a floral curtain for a fun photo opp! Speaking of photo opps, props are sooooo 2018. Celebration trends in 2019 predict a big neon explosion – searches are up 281% for neon signs.

It’s not about where the party is, but who’s there, right? Regardless, celebration trends for 2019 have some pretty neat ideas for party locales.

There’s no need to blow your whole budget on location – you can have an amazing party right in your own backyard! Searches for backyard weddings are up 441% on Pinterest, so people are totally thinking small and intimate. Speaking of weddings, did you know that white and ivory are out in 2019? Brides are going to be glimmering down the aisle in shades of gold in 2019 (searches for gold wedding gowns are up a whopping 1552%!).

And you clearly need an amazing element to make your party photos as perfect as they can be. Smoke bombs are just for over-the-top gender reveals anymore – Pinterest is reporting a 436% jump in smoke bomb photography for 2019.

These celebration trends for 2019 are sure to make your next party, big or small, the best one yet.