Opening Birthday Presents After Your Kid’s Party Is Genius

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shutterstock_116046370__1380390994_142.196.156.251Has everyone seen the website, Parent Hacks? It’s a site full of recommendations from fellow parents on how to make all things parenthood a little easier. Topics range from feeding, to toys, to parties and everything in between. Recently, one parent hack posted a genius suggestion for kid’s birthday parties: don’t open presents.

Isn’t the whole ritual of birthday party gift opening a drag? Well, the birthday boy or girl probably loves it – but kids are bored to tears and leave the party wanting everything they just saw their friend open. Parents probably like to see the joy on the faces of children when they open their gifts – but there is a solution for that. Instead of opening gifts at the party, wait until after the party and document your child’s reaction to the gift with a photograph. Then send the photo in the thank-you card. Brilliant.

Now you don’t have to worry about your kid not liking the gift and responding with an audible, Meh. You also don’t need guests to feel awkward about purchasing duplicates or not bringing a gift at all. Let’s face it – times are tough for a lot of families. Why put the added pressure on a day that is supposed to be all about fun and your child?

I personally love the idea. I haven’t had a birthday party in many years, but I remember feeling totally awkward opening gifts at my baby shower. My guests sort of demanded I do it, or else I never would have subjected them to the boredom. If you like the ritual, fine, but if you don’t – this is a really cute way to phase it out. You can make it even easier by sending cyber thank you cards with the image as the cover. Now I’m just getting fancy. It also extends the festivities for your child a little longer. They get to enjoy a party with friends and then a little extra time afterward opening all of their gifts with their families.


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