Woman May Get More Of What They Need From The Internet Than Sex With Their Partners

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Some findings by Livescience have determined that more and more women prefer to spend time on the internet rather than having sex with their partners. Participating men listed the three things that they could not live without as sleep, the internet, and sex. Women mimicked the first two, but listed showers as their third option. The research seems startling to those who have always assumed the world of internet and internet gaming to be a boys’ land. But without getting into sexist tropes about women being less desiring of sex than men, there is evidence to suggest that more and more women are looking to their online communities to fulfill certain needs.

For women with children, parenting can be very lonely. Modern mommies are turning to Facebook and Twitter to not only research recommendations and tips for childrearing, but also to connect with people who understand their isolation and circumstances. Women make up a vast majority of social media perhaps for these reasons, and if you’re a stay-at-home or work-from-home mother, social media may be the one form of communication that isn’t punctuated by the screams of children.

Contemporary mothers also tend to not have the childrearing community that their mothers and grandmothers once had. Modern living is such that geography takes families even farther and roots to places, networks, and friends depend almost entirely on the digital. Women with children are in search of support to help them be committed parents, and time gchatting with friends or Facebook messaging can very much provide those feelings of community.

Although physical intimacy is very much a need that women feel too, sex with a partner may not necessarily bring all the aforementioned empty glasses to full.