4-Year-Old Princess-Clad Toddler Does Not Want A Kiss From Prince William, Thank You Very Much

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Kate Middleton pregnantIt used to be in my day that young girls were absolutely giddy over Prince William and Prince Harry. Used to be I couldn’t attend so much as an elementary school sleepover without one of my pig-tailed companions busting out a Teen Beat and having a ritualistic “isn’t he so cute?” pass around. Nod, nod, pass the pink nail polish please.

But it looks like those days are gone for Prince William, as he’s now gone from raging heartthrob to that weird old guy your parents are making you hug for photographs, at least according to 4-year-old Shona Ritchie.

The little Scottish girl, outfitted in her best princess attire, was in attendance with her mother, Karen Ritchie, as Kate Middleton and Prince William greeted adoring fans outside Emirates Arena. As Prince William approached, not only did little Shona refuse to hand over her flower (the Prince implied that she was saving it for Kate), she also pulled away from his tender princely kisses.

Shona may have been dressed like a princess but she didn’t stand outside to be kissed by princes. She came for the Kate Middleton show — like most in these days of the big royal pregnancy.

(photo: WENN)