Alec Baldwin Makes Awkward Appearance In His Wife’s Prenatal Yoga Video

shutterstock_139749229__1380459302_142.196.156.251I love 30 Rock. I think because of that, I can’t even look at Alec Baldwin without laughing. Well, unless he’s on some homophobic-crazy-Twitter-rant or being awful to his daughter; that’s not funny. You know what is funny? Alec making an appearance in his wife Hilaria‘s prenatal yoga video. I’m totally refraining from making the obvious joke here. You’re welcome.

Hilaria made a prenatal yoga video because, why not? She’s a yoga instructor, she’s pregnant, and she’s got a famous husband. You know how celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson sometimes has appearances from Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna in her videos? Hilaria had the same idea when she inserted her famous hubby into a few frames to help her stretch. Something about his presence feels totally weird though. It’s like someone’s uncle showed up for yoga class and is now watching you in downward dog.

I picture her coaching him beforehand, saying, “Make no expressions, whatsoever. You’re here, but you’re not really here. And push down on my hips.” She told Vanity Fair:

Sometimes I step into his world, and that was an example of him stepping into my world. He very much did what I wanted him to do. [Laughs.] I was the boss that day. We’re both very bossy people, and that day he let me be the boss.

I do think it’s sweet that he’s getting involved. I know it’s a little nerve-wracking to help your partner do anything physically when she is hugely pregnant. I never made my partner help me with my yoga poses, but we did do some interesting stretches and inversions when I was overdue. I wish I had footage of him trying to help me stretch my pelvis. I’m pretty sure he had the exact same expression Alec has in this video.

(photo: cinemafestival/ Shutterstock)

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