Old Millionaire Accidentally Marries His Own Granddaughter, Has No Plans to Divorce

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(This is a stock photo of a bride and someone who is probably supposed to be her dad, not the actual couple in the story.)

Tolstoy said, “Happy families are all alike,” but he’s just been proved wrong by an old millionaire and his young wife, who just discovered that they were actually grandfather and granddaughter, but have decided not to let that fact ruin their storybook romance.

According to the Florida Sun Post, the 68-year-old millionaire met his future bride on a dating site that reportedly specializes in finding young women partners for older men (my interest is piqued. Was it SugarDaddie? I doubt they’ll tell us but I wish we knew) and found himself attracted to a very young woman who seemed somehow familiar.

“I just felt strange when I saw her photos,” the anonymous millionaire said to reporters. “It was like a sense of déjà vu, but at the time I couldn’t figure out why she seemed so familiar.”

The millionaire’s first marriage–long before he was a millionaire–ended in a messy divorce and he says his wife took the kids and left and he never saw them again, though he told reporters that he did try to look for them. Then he married again and had several more children, and that marriage also ended in a messy divorce. 

Then in 2011 he won a Powerball jackpot and is now worth several million dollars. After a few years of enjoying his new riches, he decided he needed someone to share them with. That’s when he met his future wife, who was working as an exotic dancer. She’d had a rough youth, and says her father kicked her out of the house as a teenager when she got pregnant, and she hadn’t seen him in years.

Then she met this rich old guy, they hit it off, and got married.

About three months after they were married, they were looking through some of the groom’s old photo albums and the bride saw her own father standing next to her new husband in an old family photo. That’s when she realized that her husband was also her grandfather. She was understandably devastated. It’s a pretty horrible thing to discover. 

Still, they’ve decided not to get divorced.

“If we’d never found out, we would’ve lived out lives happily together, and us being related shouldn’t change that,” the man said.

“Every couple is different and special in their own ways,” says the bride.

The couple has kept their identities a secret, which is probably for the best.