So This Is What It Looks Like When Kate Middleton Stars in a Horror Movie with Her Kids

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte are truly adorable children, and they have a pretty easy, happy life, comparatively speaking. Most recently they have been in Canada with their parents, and it was by all accounts a very nice trip. That’s why everyone was so surprised when the official Kensington Palace Twitter account shared a new video of Prince George and Princess Charlotte making “happy memories,” and it looks like the trailer to a horror movie.

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A lot of very weird choices went into the making of this video. Apparently someone took footage of a 2-year-old playing with a bubble gun and thought, “You know what this needs? A dark filter and some maudlin music. Oh wait, that doesn’t look enough like that Sarah McLachlan Save the Animals ad. Maybe I should do it in Slow Motion, too? Yes! I’m a genius!”

When Kate Middleton pats the head of a bunny, it’s played so seriously that for a second there I thought she was about to kill it. She didn’t though, because everything that was being filmed was actually quite fun and delightful and charming, it’s just that it appears to have been edited and scored by someone whose life goal is to film the murder reenactments on America’s Most Wanted.

The video is funny in its absurdity, but I have to respect the effort that went into it. It takes work to make Prince George and Princess Charlotte look anything other than squee-worthy. The princess looks like a Precious Moments figurine with a mischievous streak, while Prince George has the world’s most perfect case of toddler side-eye, and he’s been starring in adorable memes since he was born.


Somewhere out there, the Queen is watching this video and thinking, “What the fuck?” She’ll probably just say, “Well that’s ghastly.” But that’s Queen-speak for, “What the fuck?”