Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her New Mom Rack, And I Think It’s Awesome

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There are plenty of things to be annoyed about with your body after a baby comes out of it. It’s achy and sweaty and not deflating at the rate you wish it would. The pressure has to be about a hundred times more when you have cameras following you and websites critiquing your weight loss progress.

But there’s one thing that’s pretty awesome about a new mom body. Your boobs are kind of amazing.

Honestly, I remember being frustrated when I still had to wear my maternity pants in the weeks after my daughter was born. But my chest had gone from a decent B to a solid DD in a matter of months. It was pretty amazing. Having always been relatively flat most of my life, I loved new mom boobs. I mean, sure you couldn’t touch them. They were hard as a rock with milk most of the time. But they were pretty.

So I completely understand Jessica Simpson showing off her bountiful tatas while out on a walk with little Maxwell. Simpson tweeted this picture with the message, “Just taking a walk around the block… Street legal???”

I think it’s kind of great that Simpson is showing off one of the fun parts of a mom’s body, considering that there are so many people ready to analyze her’s.

Obviously, considering that Simpson signed a deal to represent Weight Watchers before her baby was even born, she partially signed up for close baby weight coverage. I can’t imagine the type of pressure that would put on a new mom. And from all reports, the stress has been a lot for Simpson to deal with. So it’s nice that she seems proud of at least one part of her post-baby body.

What did you love about your new mom body? Did you enjoy those milk-supported nanas as much as I did? Because while I wouldn’t have shared the pictures online, I certainly would’ve taken a stroll around the block with those puppies on proud display.

(Photo: Twitter)