This Beautiful Photo Of A Son Caring For His Elderly Parent Will Break Your Heart

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I found this on Reddit this morning and it truly broke my heart. I’ve written about this before, but as an older woman with a mom who is getting older this sort of thing really hits home with me. I need to say that my mom is nowhere near this age and not as frail but I think the sentiment holds true, I hope we all live full lives and we raise children who want to care for us as we did when they were also helpless. Reddit Photo Asian Son Caring For Paren't

Some of the Reddit commenters referenced the book “I’ll Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch and I think most parents have read this book to their kids and know what a total heartbreaker it is:

(Image: wordpress)

(Image: wordpress)

I know there are many truly awful parents in the world and a lot of you have difficult relationships with your own parents, and I would never tell you to engage in communication with anyone who truly hurt you or damaged you in any way, and this is just such a personal  decision and no one can ever begin to fully understand your own history – it’s just when I see things like this and think about my own life I hope that my mom realizes how much I love her. Even when she was totally being an utter bitch.

Growing old is scary. Watching your parents age is scary. I hope when my time comes one of my kids loves me as much as this son clearly loves his mom.

(Image: reddit)