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10 Normal Baby Things Prince George Will Never Get To Experience

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6. Eating Car-Seat Fries

cute george


Most toddlers enjoy a petrified car-seat fry from last summer every now and then but not Prince George. He’ll take risotto in his Snack Trap, thank you.

7. Spending Time In The Pediatrician’s Waiting Room



I’m pretty sure the royal doctor makes house calls so Prince George doesn’t get to lick the plague-covered board books along with the other kids.

8. Diaper Rash



The nanny is probably on an hourly changing schedule.

9. A Nick Jr. Marathon



I am guessing on days where Kate is caring for him and she just can’t even she doesn’t plunk him in front of Paw Patrol like a normal mother and instead, enlists help from the nanny so George is still being stimulated and entertained sans screens.

10. Going To Gym Daycare



He will never know the joys of playing with a germ-coated LeapFrog table that 17 other kids have wiped boogers on.

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