Alternate Names For The Woman In Your Life Who Refuses To Be Called ‘Grandma’

cool grandmaYou tussled with your mother and mother-in-law over your baby’s name, and were thrilled when they finally conceded that the choice was between you and your partner. But now they’ve declared themselves far too special to be called Grandma. While fair is fair, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to sway their decision. Here’s some alternate names for Grandma that don’t sound anything like “Mommy”.

1. Banana



Is she already driving you nuts with her lectures about the benefits of breast feeding and why you should make your own baby food? Then this play off Nana sounds right up her alley.

2. Kitty



Toddlers like to hug and pet people anyway, and grandparents rank high on the snuggle list. Plus this way you can ease your mom guilt over not wanting to get a pet.

3. Mumsy



If your mom will always be a teeny bit sad that you didn’t marry Prince William, this name is a good consolation prize. Bonus points if you can teach your kids to say it with an English accent.

4. GiGi



For the grandmother who desperately wants the world to believe she’s too young to have a grandchild. With this name she can pretend people in the store think she’s just the babysitter, though we all know her inability to say ‘no’ to candy requests is a dead giveaway of her true identity.

5. Glamma



Does your mother own a hideous jacket covered in sequins that she wears unironically? Yeah, that’s Glamma’s idea of high fashion.

6. Yama



Lots of babies can pronounce the letter Y before the letter G, so if being recognized by her grandchild from a young age is important to her, go with this name. Just be prepared for some gloating if you baby gets this word down before he learns to master “Mama”.

7. Udder Mudder

cow wink


If your mom or mother-in-law is insisting on referring to your child as her own, then this name is perfect. She gets the pleasure of being called mother, you get the satisfaction of thinking about a cow whenever her name comes up.

8. Duchess



Does she insist on having a receiving blanket between the baby and her outfit before holding him? Is she still bitter that you didn’t name the baby Audrey or Grace? Then this is the perfect title to bestow upon her.

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