Gwyneth Paltrow Blunders Backwards Into A Good Point About Food Stamps

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Gwyneth PaltrowAnother day, another story about Gwyneth Paltrow pissing people off. Paltrow’s well known for her complex diet rules and overpriced holiday gift guides, but this time people are clutching their pearls (which are probably nowhere near as nice as Paltrow’s own set) over what groceries she purchased when holding herself to a weekly food budget of $29.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali is the spearhead of the NYC Food Bank Challenge, an initiative that invites New Yorkers to try and eat for a week under the SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) allotment of $29 per person for seven days. As with the ASL ice bucket challenge of last summer, the Food Bank Challenge is trending among celebrities. Paltrow joined in by posting a photo of her weekly grocery purchase on Twitter:

Many media outlets are making fun of Paltrow’s purchases, saying the items she chose to buy are unrealistic purchases for someone receiving SNAP. But while many of her public statements show how woefully out of touch she is with the life of the average mother, maybe we should cut Gwyneth some slack on this one.

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