25 Secrets Your Nail Technician Wishes You Already Knew

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Image: iStock / Tamara Dragovic

Growing up, going to the nail salon may have been a rite-of-passage. As a young girl, your mother probably did your nails. Or you went to a kiddie spa to get a bright pink manicure. As an adult, you have probably gone to the nail salon with your mom, sisters, and close friends. When you step into the acetone-scented nail salon, you immediately lay eyes on the nail polish wall, excited to choose which color you want to wear on your nails next. You probably have a go-to manicurist who also serves as your local masseuse, therapist, and nail stylist.

Unfortunately, going to the nail salon is not as good for your nails as you might think. According to the U.S. News and World Report, 75% of salons do not follow health standards, which means that nail tools, foot spas, and even the nail polish is not as sanitary as you would like to imagine. Cheaper salons tend to cut corners, and your nails’ health can deteriorate as a result. When you go to the salon, make sure that your manicurist is doing what is best for your nails’ health. A good manicurist would want you to have healthy nails and learn tips to maintain your nails’ health outside of the salon. If your manicurist does not do this, it might be time to switch salons. Read on to find out more manicurist secrets about how to keep your nails healthy and be a great customer:

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