These Meghan Markle GIFs Are Seriously Everything

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meghan markle on suits

Image: USA Network / Suits

We love gifs. If we could speak in gif form, we absolutely would, every single day. There’s a gif for any and all occasions, emotions, events, and moods. Just type in a few words, and let the internet communicate for you! The gif and the emoji have seriously changed the way we converse with each other, and we have to say, we ain’t mad about it! Sometimes you need to say something but might not have the words. Or the courage, let’s be honest. Or sometimes we need to let our faces do the talking when we’re not face to face. This is why we have gifs, and why we love them. And right now, we couldn’t love any gifs more than we love these Meghan Markle gifs.

Listen, we know she’s a Duchess now. And as such, she’s bound by certain rules and expectations. Like she can’t go around rolling her eyes at people or clapping back with some witty remark. But once upon a time, Meghan lived a simpler life. OK, she was still beautiful and famous, but still. With that face, and that brain, she’s always given us good content. What we’re saying is, Meghan is incredibly gifable. Even as a Duchess! Luckily for us, the wonderful people on this here internet know a good gif moment when they see one. Please to enjoy these Meghan Markle gifs, and save them for your personal use.

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