The $3,000 Aston Martin Baby Stroller, For Those Of You Who Lactate Money

3159894Aston Martin teamed up with pricey stroller creator Silver Cross to come up with “the most exclusive pram in the world”. Because you know your spawn needs to ride around in a $3,000 baby stroller that is made out of leather. The same leather used in Aston Martin automobiles. But you had better hurry up and snatch one of these babies, because there are only 800 made and it is sold exclusively at Harrod’s. From NY Daily News:

The aluminum alloy wheels are based on the $1.8 million Aston Martin One-77, the leather is an exact match to that used in the cars, and its air-ride suspension “guarantees a smooth ride for all”.

I’m not against buying nice shit for your baby. But the idea of a $3,000 leather stroller is kinda wacky because you can almost buy a used car for that kind of money. Plus, the outside of the stroller is black leather and all the means to me is one sweaty baby. And even though it’s a pretty beautiful piece of equipment, I bet it is just as big of a bitch to fold and unfold as any other stroller. Basically, this stroller is for a James Bond baby or else the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West Spawn! Because I don’t think Kate and Wills are quite up for being this ostentatious, and would probably select something a bit more understated from Silver Cross.

I can’t remember what the most expensive item of baby gear I ever purchased was. I know  my son had really amazing nursery furniture that cost a mess but we gave it to a relative who had a baby when my son was ready for a big-boy bed, so that was worth the money to me. And once I insisted we needed this amazing Magis Nido playcave and it cost a fortune and even though it is cool as hell you know where it is right now? In my basement storage room. Because this thing is gigantic and the kids never played in it that much but maybe one day I will have grandchildren who will enjoy it. Until then, my cat likes sleeping in it. Which I’m sure would be the same case with a $3,000 baby stroller.




(Photo: Harrod’s &Gizmodo)

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