40 Witnesses Subpoenaed In The Steubenville Rape Crew Trial Gives Me Hope Justice May Be Served

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photo40 witnesses have been subpoenaed in the Stuebenville, Ohio gang rape trial of a 16-year-old girl scheduled to take place March 13 in the juvenile courtroom at the Jefferson County Justice Center. The alleged assaults took place at a few different places, including the backseat of a car, over the course of August 11 and 12. Trent Mays,16, and Ma’Lik Richmond,16, of Steubenville have been charged with rape in connection with the incident.

There has been a lot of information and speculation in conjunction with this case ever since media outlets have been covering it. One question that has been asked numerous times by people familiar with the case is if the incident took place at at least two different parties where between 60-80 teens were present why haven’t more witnesses come foreword? There is also the question about alleged photographs and videos that were taken using cell phones, uploaded to social media, and then deleted. Another charge that Trent Mays also faces is that of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material for having a picture of the victim in an outgoing text message on his cell phone. Hopefully the additional witnesses subpoenaed may be able to shed some light on what exactly took place at these parties. From the Columbus Dispatch:

The trial is open to the public, and TV coverage is being permitted, but witnesses will have the option to decline to be photographed or recorded, said Fred Abdalla Jr., chief probation officer for Jefferson County Juvenile Court.

Abdalla said special prosecutors appointed by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine have subpoenaed 28 witnesses, and a defense attorney has subpoenaed 12 others, with more defense subpoenas expected. Not all would necessarily testify, Abdalla said.


Another interesting aspect of this case is that at both parties, there was said to be copious amounts of alcohol present, yet no adults have been charged with providing alcohol to minors, whether it be an adult purchasing the alcohol or a liquor store selling the alcohol to party attendees. And why have none of these attendees who witnessed a crime being committed been charged? Hopefully some of these questions will be answered in the upcoming Steubenville rape trial.

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