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I’m That Mom Who Would Buy A $145 J Crew Baby Sweater

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J Crew launched their infant line a few months ago and people everywhere are freaking out because parents can purchase $145 sweaters and $228 baby blankets for their spawn. And If I had babies, I would be one of those parents buying these items, because they are freakin’ adorable! Yes, they are a bit expensive but a lot of nice things in life usually are. I don’t view items like this as being everyday wear, and with the right care these are the types of things you buy knowing that they would become heirlooms that you would pass on to your children’s children, when they have children. Otherwise known as, your future grandchildren.

When you blow close to two hundred dollars on a baby sweater, coupon and discount code up first. J Crew is notorious for running twenty-five percent off sales during the holidays. You are still getting the same fancy sweater, just at a discount. The most important thing to do first is buy a piles of onesies, preferably long sleeved. You should also make sure the diapers you use don’t leak. I would suggest buying a sweater like this in a size or two bigger than what your baby wears, because babies look adorable in oversized sweaters and if your baby can “grow into” an item, the more longevity it will have. Don’t plop your baby in a highchair wearing something like this in front of a bowl of mashed bananas. Items like this are obviously not dinner-wear. Always carry baby wipes with you, they are great for blotting up spills and gentle enough so they won’t trash cashmere. And when your baby has outgrown the items? Reuse and recycle that puppy, either to a younger sibling or to a friend with a baby who takes care of items as well as you do.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to splurge on expensive baby clothes on occasion, and I think all parents have done this. When my middle-child was born my husband purchased a ridiculous (ridiculously cute) baby ensemble for him that included a pair of twenty-eight dollar teensy tiny mouse sized socks. Twenty-eight dollars. For socks. You best believe they were always hand laundered and then carefully placed in a tissue-lined box for future generations. A cashmere sweater does’t have the risk of going out of style, unless by the time you have grandchildren we are all wearing spacesuits, but even under a spacesuit a baby will need to keep warm.

Everything is so cheap (and cheaply made) these days. All parents like discounts and there is nothing wrong with babies wearing five dollar sweaters, as long as you realize it will probably fade and unravel as soon as it is laundered. Although I think babies look the cutest when they are wearing leggings and t-shirts, I don’t think anything is wrong with splurging a bit if a parent falls madly in love with something. I would rather spend a bit more and have less items, well-made things that can withhold a baby crawling and spitting up on them, than a ton of cheap discount store items they will wear once and end up in the rag bin. And for those of you still freaking out about the hefty price tag? Suggest someone else buy it. Grandparents can be good for something other than criticizing your every parenting move.

(photo: J Crew)