Jennifer Garner Wishes That She Was ‘One Of Those Cute Pregnant Girls’

Jennifer Garner, pregnantJennifer Garner is expecting her third baby soon and while she waddles through Brentwood, California to run errands with daughters Violet and Seraphina, the actress has a couple of confessions. While she claims to go immediately for the junk food while pregnant, she also wishes  that she could be smaller so that she could be “cute.” Sound the mommyrexia alarm!

The soon-to-be mommy of three tells InStyle that she eats her daughters’ macaroni and cheese, as I’m sure many mothers do, and that she laments her pregnant figure:

“I wish I was one of those cute pregnant girls who wear skinny jeans throughout their pregnancies but I just gain weight.”

Keeping maternal weight up or down for the health of the baby is always a concern for mothers. But aspiring to wear skinny jeans during pregnancy and having to convince people that you’re actually with child doesn’t sound glamorous, it just sounds like Hollywood. This whole “skinny” while pregnant fad that is sweeping pregnant starlets further illustrates the warped body images that continue to plague women — of all ages. Now even a skinny pregnancy is desirable?

Uncomfortable pregnancies vary per women and per size for that matter, and no one probably wants to be carting around an excessive amount of weight for that last trimester. But changing shape and gaining pounds is a part of a healthy pregnancy. Victoria Beckham will no doubt have you thinking otherwise and there are always anomalies. But those anomalies are very quickly being elevated to a new standard in a town that we can already thank for a whole slew of other anti-woman sentiments about body and size.

Let it be known that even pregnancy is now becoming fresh fodder for a new range of complexes about size and skinniness. Carrying a baby can no longer justify a flowy blouse or maternity jeans. Now women have a whole other period of their lives in which to yearn for thinness.

(photo: WENN)

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