I Don’t Think Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant Because Her Baby Bump Keeps Vanishing

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Kim Kardashian MeetingKim Kardashian isn’t pregnant. There. I said it. Because these new photographs of her compared to previous photographs of her prove it. There is no way this lady can be pregnant unless she is wearing some super skinny girdle-including shaper skinny jeans that include a tummy-tightening material across the abdomen and she is also wearing Spanx.

I hate pregnancy conspiracy theories but I’m all on board this conspiracy train because I called it. When it turns out that Kim hired a surrogate or something you can all thank me for this.  Compare the photograph of Kim in black taken about a week ago with the photograph of her wearing white taken yesterday.

Kim Kardashian leaves the gym

So either she has some weird magical vanishing baby bump or else she isn’t pregnant.

And according to a new report from Radar Online, she never had problems getting pregnant to begin with:

“Kim’s supposed fertility problems were no where near as dire as she made them out to be,” a source tells Radar. “Yes, her estrogen levels were low, but she had been on the pill for a very, very long time. She was in a healthy normal range though, given she had been on birth control.

“Kim’s doctor assured her that once she had been off the pill for a few months she shouldn’t have any issues conceiving. Kim absolutely does not have fertility issues like Khloe. Kim is going to be grilled over the claims she made by Kris’ attorney at her upcoming deposition, because they believe this goes to the core of their case against her — that’s she’s willing to lie and manipulate the truth for the sake of her career. This could seriously damage Kim’s credibility and bolster Kris’ case that he was duped into marrying her.”


Now, I know that every woman shows differently and maybe it’s just the way Kim is photographed above that make her look not really pregnant, but this all seems sort of fishy to me. It’s a Kardashian Konspiracy! I hope after the baby is born we get to see pics of the placenta or some other evidence, like a two-hour Kim and Kanye childbirth/concert special to put my conspiracy theory to rest!

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