I Never Knew Putting A Diaper On A 5-Year-Old As ‘Punishment’ Was Part Of The Montessori Program

Montessori School DiaperAs a parent I have always envied parents who sent or are sending their children to a Montessori school. My children did not attend Montessori, but if I had littles ones I would probably consider it. I think the whole idea of a school where children learn concepts via discovery is pretty cool, but I guess the school is only as cool as the teachers staffing it and in this case in Highland, Indiana, I think it’s safe to say that was this teacher and her aides did was very NOT cool. From The Daily Mail:

A teacher was suspended and her aide fired after she reportedly made a five-year-old student wear a diaper in class because he was ‘acting like a baby’.

The incident took place at the Children of the Earth Montessori School in Highland, Indiana.

The parents of the child brought the issue up a meeting at the school last week.

The child’s mother – who has not been identified – said she was shocked when the five-year-old came home and said he was forced to wear a diaper over his clothes.

She said he is humiliated by the incident.

Um, yeah, I would think so. That sounds pretty humiliating and spirit-crushing to me. Granted, I’m not an educator but I know from my own experiences raising humans that they can be frustrating and “act like babies” at times but punishing an older kid by making him wear a diaper in front of other students is pretty awful. Even if he only wore it over his clothing. It sounds like a great way to set this kid up for teasing from his other classmates, especially considering it was a grownup who did this. I think most parents who pay the tuition to send their kids to Montessori do so because they feel it is the best learning environment for their children and because they feel public school in their areas aren’t as good of a choice as their local Montessori school. How awful for these parents who felt they were doing the best thing for their kid by sending him there, and how awful for the poor kid to be humiliated by his teacher like this.
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(Photo: Children Of The Earth Montessori School)

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