Dr. Gosnell Will Get A Life Sentence For Having Zero Regard For The Lives Of Others

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prision gatesYesterday, we reported that 72-year-old Dr. Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of three murder counts for his grisly rendition of illegal abortion practices. But despite attempts by the prosecution to get Back Alley Butcher Gosnell put to death for callously jeopardizing the health and lives of his patients, he has been “spared.”

Associated Press reports that he has given up his right to appeal and will face life in prison. The prosecution’s reasoning for chasing after the death penalty reportedly had everything to do with the gruesomeness of his crimes, including killing babies who were born alive with scissors:

Prosecutors agreed to two life sentences without parole, and Gosnell was to be sentenced Wednesday in the death of the third baby, an involuntary manslaughter conviction in the death of a patient and hundreds of lesser counts.

Prosecutors had sought the death penalty because Gosnell killed more than one person, and his victims were especially vulnerable given their age. But Gosnell’s own advanced age had made it unlikely he would ever be executed before his appeals ran out.

Zero complaints from me. Justice righteously served for someone who had the gall to treat women and babies with such butchery hardly fitting of the term “doctor.” Now on to the many others — such as the Pennsylvania Department of Health — that failed these desperate patients, I say.

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