Adrienne Maloof Had A Surrogate So Apparently That’s What That Brandi Glanville Kerfuffle Was About

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Adrienne MaloofThe “big” Adrienne Maloof secret is out — and it’s not even salacious. The next time somebody wants to have a surrogate in private, remind me not to care.

You Real Housewives ladies who were pissed that Bravo edited out all the juicy bits from the tiff between Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville can finally get some relief. Us Weekly confirms that the reality TV stars were bickering over womb particularities. More directly, who carried Adrienne Maloof’s 6-year-old twins, Christian and Colin. Because it reportedly was not Adrienne Maloof — scandal!

Adrienne apparently did carry her first son, 9-year-old Gavin but endured a “complicated pregnancy.” A surrogate was chosen for unspecified reasons:

A source told the magazine: “A child psychologist recommended she wait until they are 10 years old. She doesn’t want them teased at school or asked about it.”

The businesswoman and her then husband, Paul Nassif, 50, retaliated upon hearing the news from fellow cast member Kim Richards by sending out a cease-and-desist via lawyers.

Bravo was legally obligated to cut all the speculative surrogate chatter from the show. But since Adrienne and her husband are divorcing, Paul Nassif has reportedly become very chummy with girl on girl crime perpetuater Brandi Glanville.

While surrogacy stigma is a valid one among the seemingly ever growing rainbow of mommy stigmas, Bravo doesn’t appear to have done sufferers any favors with this plotline.

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