The Lazy Mom’s Guide To Sexing Up Valentine’s Day

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woman winkingIt’s not that you don’t want to have the sex on Valentine’s day, you do, it’s just that you don’t know how to make the night memorable without planning an elaborate date or bringing strange toys into the bedroom. I would high-five you in solidarity, if I wasn’t so comfy on this couch. These easy ways to make Valentine’s Day sexy will make you look like you’ve put in tons of thought and effort while doing practically nothing at all.

1. Wear your oldest yoga pants

if they’re anything like mine, they’ve got a few holes in them, so your partner gets a peep show while you get to stay comfortable.

2. Have a threesome, kinda

One of the worst part’s of Valentine’s Day is the ritual of grooming the playing field, if you catch my drift. At best, it takes a long time and at worst it both takes forever and causes excruciating pain. Consider doing only half the of work down there and tell your partner that it’s for them to enjoy a variety of sensations, because you’re a giver.

3. Have sex with the lights off

Not rocking the body confidence but you still want to get busy? Just whisper “Love is blind” before you get started in your best sexy temptress voice and they will think it’s oh so special.

4. Have sex with the lights on

They will think you’re being spontaneous and fun, but really it’s because the switch is all the way across the room and you don’t feel like getting up.

5. Invent a love language

The kids are screaming so loudly that you can’t hear yourself think, let alone understand a word of how your partner’s day was. Instead of communicating via Facebook per usual, say it with a conversational heart.

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