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This Mom’s Stomach Flu Remedy Just Might Be a Lifesaver

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I think the only thing that is worse than when one of my children comes home with a stomach bug is when they pass it on to the rest of the family. There’s no amount of hand washing or bleaching or house-burning that will kill those germs. However, one mom is sharing her secret to prevent norovirus from spreading, and you can be damn sure I’ll be trying this stomach flu remedy the next time one of my kids barf.

Leah Campbell, a writer at, lives in fear of the stomach flu. After suffering through the pukes at the same times as her then-infant daughter, Campbell has since taken great pains to avoid catching norovirus. “I don’t play around with any signs of puking or the big D. If anyone in your family is sick to their stomach, I want you staying the hell away from me and my girl,” she wrote.

When Campbell’s daughter woke up puking the week before Christmas, Campbell panicked. After venting on Facebook, her friends started chiming in with ideas to keep the germs at bay. The most popular suggesting? Drinking grape juice. (And no, wine won’t cut it —it has to be 100%, no sugar added grape juice.) After doing research, Campbell discovered there’s actually something to this: “Apparently there is something in grape juice that changes the pH in your stomach and prevents norovirus from multiplying.”

For this trick to work, anyone exposed to norovirus needs to start drinking grape juice before they become symptomatic. They should drink three glasses of grape juice per day for the week after being exposed to the bug.

Campbell started drinking grape juice 24 hours after her daughter started throwing up. While she recognizes that she “could have just gotten lucky,” she never got sick despite her daughter puking, “on me, in my bed and on my pillow.”

My mind is blown.

mind blowing

I am immediately going to get some grape juice to keep in my fridge for the next time one of my kids comes home with a stomach bug. If grape juice can prevent even one member of our family from getting the pukes, sign. me. up.

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