Jon Gosselin Wins Sole Custody Of Son After Kate Misses Court Date

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Oh, dear. We haven’t heard much from the Gosselin clan lately, which usually means something dramatic is brewing. Since their days as reality TV show darlings, the Gosselins have dominated gossip rags, and not for the best of reasons. The end of the show, criticisms about their parenting, a contentious divorce and custody battle – it’s been a rough couple of years for those kids. Particularly Collin Gosselin, who’s spent the last couple of years in a residential treatment program for unspecific special needs. Now, it looks like things are about to get even more dramatic between Kate and Jon Gosselin. It makes for good gossip, but good gravy we hope these kids have a good support system through all of this.

In early November, Jon Gosselin filed for physical and legal custody of Collin.

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Had a good weekend visit with Collin at home!

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Jon and Kate share custody of their eight kids: twins Mady and Cara and sextuplets Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden. In court documents filed with the custody change, Jon said he believes that Collin should move in with him once he finishes his in-patient treatment program. One of Collin’s sisters, Hannah, also lives with Jon, and has been living with him for a little over a year.

The court date for the hearing was set for December 4. After Kate Gosselin and her lawyer failed to appear, Jon Gosselin was awarded sole physical and legal custody of Collin.

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Found our tree ? let the holidays begin!!!!

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Kate Gosselin had originally requested for the court date to be postponed, but that request was denied. There were other matters addressed in the hearing, but all of those were continued to a later date. Collin is expected to complete his treatment just a few days before Christmas. Then, he will be joining sister Hannah at Jon’s house. We’re sure it’ll be a happy holiday for them!

Neither Kate nor Jon have commented on the custody hearing and change in custody. For their kids’ sake, we hope they can both take the high road and not take shots at each other in a public way. They both clearly love their kids. Plus, it sounds like maybe a change of environment could be very beneficial for Collin! It’s such a shame that the kids get caught up in all of this. We hope things settle down for them all from here on out.

Co-parenting can be hard, even in the best of circumstances. Here’s hoping that Kate and Jon Gosselin figure this thing out. That way, everyone can move forward in a positive, healthy way.

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