Are You Chronically Late? Congrats, You’ll Be More Successful Than The Rest Of Us

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Image: iStock / thomasandreas

We all know that one person – the one who can’t get anywhere on time if their life depended on it. Maybe you are that person! We’re not talking a few minutes late once in a while. We’re talking you’ll-be-late-to-your-own-funeral late. Chronic lateness, in all areas of life. If you know one of these people, you might be annoyed by their inability to get anywhere on time. If you are this person, you’re probably shrugging your shoulders right now. But as it turns out, being late isn’t a sign of failure. In fact, according to new research, it might actually be beneficial. A study says that late people live longer, and are generally more successful in life. So hit that snooze button again, tack on another year or two to your life!

That’s right – there is actual scientific research that says late people live longer, and enjoy more success. So why are we always stressed and rushing to get somewhere on time?!

Well, that’s actually at the core of what gives chronically late people a longer life expectancy. People who are always late are more relaxed, less stressed, and less concerned about deadlines and whatnot. They live a very zen life. Sounds great, right? So how does that play into living longer? We all know how much of a toll stress can take on our health. Letting go of all that stress can lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health, lower your stroke risk, and help improve your mental health. Once you take care of those factors, your life expectancy increases dramatically!

Furthermore, people who are always late tend to be very optimistic. They really, genuinely believe that they can accomplish everything they set out to do on any given day. Work, school pickups, making dinner, working out, socializing with friends – yep, it’s all going to get done! They don’t worry about not having enough time to do it all. Because they are unconstrained by time, LOL.

When it comes to success, being late always has its perks.

A 2003 study claims that people who are always late are natural multi-taskers. Which, in theory, makes them really great problem-solvers. They tend to come up with solutions more quickly, since they’re used to always thinking on their feet. In general, those traits contribute to success and productivity. Here we’ve been believing that tardiness makes us unsuccessful, how wrong we were!

We know dealing with someone who’s chronically late can be annoying. But now that we know late people live longer, maybe we’ll slow down a bit more. Science told us so, and science is rarely wrong.