16 Things Moms *Actually* Do When Their Baby Is Asleep

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When the baby is asleep, moms catch up on allllllll the piping hot tea.

the tea GIF by Karen Civil

Image: Karen Civil

And no, we don’t mean actual tea. Although please have a nice hot cup of that if you’re in the mood! We mean THE TEA. All the happenings they’ve missed in their friend circle and social lives. Who’s done what and with whom and who said what to whom. The tea, ladies! Listen, we certainly aren’t advocating being a busybody gossip. But you can miss a lot when you’re elbow-deep in baby life! It’s so important to stay connected to your friends and outside life in those first weeks and months. It helps you keep that part of your life active, and gives you a nice respite from the monotony of motherhood. Get that text thread fired up when baby goes down, and give your social life your full attention.

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