16 Ways To Not Be A Worthless Dad On Your First Day Home With A New Baby

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Married... with Children

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Congrats, dad! Your partner carried your child for 10 months, obliterated their vagina or was sliced open like a watermelon, and now you have a healthy baby. Hopefully, you did your fair share during the pregnancy, and tried every single day to make her life as wonderful as possible. You know, stopped to get her whatever she was craving, took over all the household chores, and rubbed those tired, swollen feet every night. Just little things, no biggie! A good, supportive partner will move heaven and earth to make life easier for a pregnant woman. And that doesn’t end when the baby is born! That first day home can be jarring. She’s going to need you to step up. Don’t be a worthless dad on this, the most important of days!

We’re joking, of course (sort of). Dads can be an integral part of this equation. Notice we said “can be”. Because as much as love you guys, there are some ways that y’all can really drop the ball. That first day home with a new baby is going to be a basket of emotions for everyone. But unlike you, your partner is ALSO dealing with some pretty major postpartum stuff. Now’s your time to shine! Don’t be a worthless dad that first day home – memorize this list to insure you knock this one out of the park.

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