This Ice Cream Can Actually Help With Your Milk Supply

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Look, you can only so many lactation cookies before you want to hurl them off a cliff. But finding ways to increase your milk supply can be tricky! Obviously, you want something healthy … ish. We all know how important it is to eat well while you’re breastfeeding. And for the most part, I am all for encouraging that! HOWEVER. Sometimes a mama just needs to eat her feelings. During those times, it would be super neat if those feelings also brought the milk to the yard, you know what I’m saying? Luckily, there’s an ice cream for that!

There’s a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that can actually help increase your milk supply. If you’re a nursing mama, that sentence probably caused you to let down a little, didn’t it?

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According to Belly Belly, oats are a galactagogue, or one of the foods that you should be eating to bump up your supply. Their website says, “Saponins — which oats are full of — are antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, supporting the immune system. But they also impact the milk-making hormones produced by the pituitary gland. So add a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or bake some oatmeal cookies and enjoy this simple addition to your diet.”

OK, so saponins. Got it. But what is this about ice cream??

Turns out, Ben & Jerry’s has a flavor of their delicious ice cream that happens to be full of those saponins! Oat of This Swirled is “buttery brown sugar ice cream with fudge flakes & oatmeal cinnamon cookies swirls”. Now, will eating an entire pint of Out of This Swirled turn you into a dairy farm? Not likely. But anytime you can work galactagogues into your diet, you’re eating something that can increase your milk supply.

So put down that lactation cookie, and put up a pint of Out of This Swirled. Or better yet, pick up both and dip the cookie in the ice cream. Double the oats, double the milk, right? It’s just delicious, delicious science.

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