Tina Fey Says ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel Not Going to Happen Because of a Major Hurdle

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Mean Girls came out almost 14 years ago (HOLY CRAP), but it’s endured as one of our favorite movies. Who hasn’t spouted off a Gretchen or Regina quote from time to time? And fans have been clamoring for a Mean Girls sequel since the day after it came out, pretty much. We all want to know what happened to Cady and the crew after high school, right? Well, we may have to wait a little bit longer, according to Tina Fey. Boo!

According to Tina Fey, who wrote the original, a Mean Girls sequel would run into a major hurdle: money.

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Tina says she’d love to have someone write up the sequel! Just one problem: the stars of the film make, uh, quite a bit more now than they did when they were relative unknowns in 2004.

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OK. Here’s the thing. Rachel McAdams? Yeah, I can see that. But does anyone really think Lindsay Lohan can get $7.5 million for a movie anymore? Anyone? Bueller? Lindsay is down for the sequel, which is unsurprising considering where her career is at the moment. She’s tweeted and Instagrammed various please to make it happen.

But, much like “fetch”, it doesn’t appear to be happening.

However, if you desperately need your Mean Girls fix, Tina has you covered. The popular movie IS getting the re-do treatment, in the form of a Broadway musical based on the movie.

As much as I would love to see a Mean Girls sequel, I’m not sure it would have the same magic as the original. Part of what made that movie great were the fresh faces and high school drama! I don’t really want to hear that Regina has a drinking problem or something. Some movies are best left alone, and Mean Girls might be one of them.

At least we’ll always have the gifs.

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