Anonymous Takes On ‘Rape Crew’ From Steubenville, Ohio – Demands Justice For Victim

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A_Cqd1uCMAE8tCnSome of you may be familiar with the rape case involving a 16-year-old girl and members of the Steubenville, Ohio football team and other teenagers from the area that occurred on August 11th. For those of you unfamiliar with the case, The New York Times has a lengthy article that explains everything, from the parties where the rapes occurred to how social media has played a part in the case. Some highlights include information about photographs posted of the victim, unconscious and naked, being dragged all over town and allegations that she was urinated on by members of the football team, along with the hashtags #rape and #drunkgirl.

The mother of the victim is quoted as saying:

The mother added: “I do feel like they’ve had preferential treatment, and it’s unreal, almost like we’re part of a TV show. It’s like a bad “CSI” episode. What those boys did was disgusting, disgusting, and for people to stand up for them, that’s disgusting, too.”

Anonymous agrees with the victim’s mother, so they decided that even though the victim doesn’t have the support of an entire community of football fans behind her, they would be more than happy to be on her team. Anonymous and NightSec (Who is Anonymous, but just a subgroup that exists within Anonymous, which makes no sense, because even my almost 70-year-old mother is now Anonymous) has released a statement and preliminary dox on the case. 

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