Open Thread: Tell Us About The Division Of Labor At Home Between You And Your Partner

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Whether you work outside of the home, stay at home or work from home, household chores and child-related duties must be fulfilled. If you have a partner/spouse living with you, it only seems fair that the duties be divided somewhat equitably in a way that is fair to both of you. The division of labor at home can be very different for each family and what works for one household may not work for another. It can also change depending on work schedules and how high-maintenance your kids are being that week. It is important to be clear with each other what you can handle and whether you need help so as not to let resentment build.

My husband and I are in a period of change. As I mentioned yesterday, I work from home now so the way things get done around our house is evolving. He used to be home before me, sometimes, several hours before me. When I got home from work, he typically had dinner going and at least one kid bathed. Now, I get the kids off the bus and dinner is on me every night unless I request that he do it when he gets home, which makes no sense because I am home so much earlier. I still work the same number of hours that he does so I am not really getting much done around the house during the day. Sometimes, I have trouble getting that across to him when he rolls his eyes that I did not get to the laundry that day. He’s still getting used to what I have going on and is trying to understand how my day goes. I know we will settle into the new routine but for now, we are still working out who does what.

So tell us- how do things get split up in your household? What is the work situation for you and your partner? If you don’t have a partner, please tell us how you awesomely juggle it all because I barely hold it together with a very helpful and willing spouse. Happy Friday, everyone! Hopefully, the chores are done so you can have a wonderful weekend!

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